Umbilico Memberships are here!

Umbilico 2.0 is here

We are so excited to announce our new membership and pricing options which we are launching today, alongside our refreshed, easier to navigate website and a fantastic new promo video which you may have seen upon visiting our site (if not refresh and have a look :), it features many of our wonderful clients, and the dulcet tones of our fabulous group of instructors and staff.

We’ve researched, debated and yelled at each other about how to streamline our pricing, whilst providing a means to allow for consistent instruction and progress in our aerial and floor classes and we hope that our membership options will ensure both of these important matters are addressed. All our adult classes will remain as drop-ins (unless specified) with membership encouraging consistency in your training. As promised, we are still keeping flexibility in the mix with our Flexi 10 passes and casual single sessions, but from Monday February 20th the nominal price increase that we have posted about in the space will take effect. From this date we will also be removing the Term & Flexi 5 passes and first class intro rates (with the exception of Yoga and The Strength Lab). All passes purchased before this date will still be valid until they reach their expiry dates.

We are also moving full steam ahead with our new induction process for adults looking to do aerials for the first time and with the help of Catherine, are implementing a “curriculum framework” that all instructors will work with, allowing you to keep track of your progress and set goals to help you improve.

So there has been a lot going on in the last 4 weeks and now we throw it all out there to you!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support!

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