self defence course

Teenage Self Defence Course

A member of our community is organising a self-defence course for his teenage daughter and her friends. It will be held at Umbilico on Sat June 4th from 1-2.30pm. We are putting the word out for any other parent who may be interested in booking a spot for this course.

This will be a special workshop by Arakan Martial Arts for girls aged 12-16. The class will cover the basics of self-defence, including correct posture and stance for self defence; mental state needed to keep yourself safe, defence from headlock/choke, defence from being grabbed from the front and effective striking to escape from a situation.

For an idea of what will be covered in the course take a look at the following links:

Cost will depend on numbers but will be a maximum of $43/child. Please register interest and book by EOB Monday 29.5 by contacting us via email or phone.

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