Space Hire


Supporting Industry Professionals

Umbilico offers discounted rates to independent artists and professionals to use our space for rehearsals, training and teaching privates. Contact us today to see if you are eligible for these rates.

Space Hire

Umbilico’s eclectic design, versatile nature and expansive, well-equipped spaces create a distinctive and personable atmosphere. If you are looking to hire out a space for workshops, classes, personal training, rehearsals, conferences, photo or video shoots, performances or exhibitions we’ve got you covered!


This space allows for groups of various sizes.  You can book single or multiple aerial points or floor areas depending on your needs.

For teaching we recommend at least one point/floor area per 3 students to avoid overcrowding the adjacent areas that may be in use by someone else.

4 single trapezes
1 double trapeze
1 swinging trapeze
4 tissus
5 lyras
1 corde lisse
8 pulley points (all suitable for a 2ppl load)
basic gymnastics equipment
4m x 13m tumbling mats
13 crash mats
jigsaw mats though out
music docking stations
wall mounted fans and heaters


Ideal for personal trainers who specialise in one-on-one or small group classes. The station features a diverse range of equipment with a focus on functional fitness type training.

approx 57m2 in size
6 pull up bars
olympic rings/trx station
squat rack & bench attachments
wall ball targets
punching bag
two lifting platforms
c2 rower
assault air bike
wall timer
plyo boxes
barbells & bumper plates
wall balls, medicine balls and slam balls
power rope
climbing rope (attached to roof)
skipping ropes
olympic rings
power bands
prehab and rehab mobility equipment
kickboxing and boxing mitts and pads
padded floor


Set within the peaceful and restorative atmosphere of Umbilico’s first floor is The Studio. This light filled, airy space looks out to beautiful gumtrees and lends itself to a variety of uses such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Martial Arts and Circus activities (where high ceiling clearance is not necessary).

approx 60m2 in size

airconditioning / heating

mirrored wall

ballet barre

music docking station

yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and straps (for up to 10)


Also located on Umbilico’s secluded first floor is the spacious Therapies Room. This is an ideal place to complement many disciplines from massage, to physiotherapy to naturopathy and more and to focus on the body’s internal well-being. This room is currently available for short or long term use.

approx 24m2 in size
airconditioning / heating
massage table
adjacent waiting area
desk and shelving
music docking station

Space Hire