Our Story


Umbilico brings many types of movement together in our custom built, multi-purpose space which is centred around versatility and personalised service. Our boutique and innovative approach in designing and running the space means that teaching, training, rehearsing, and treating at Umbilico are experiences to be enjoyed from the moment you walk in the door.

Our focus is to provide you with a diverse yet warm environment, in which no detail has been spared, where it’s not just about your session but also the before and after. Brainstorm ideas and projects at our communal table, unwind or catch up in our lounge corner, have some quiet time to yourself or get ready in comfort for your next engagement.

We see ourselves as a melting pot of various physical activities and a platform for one dynamic community. For this purpose Umbilico features four core areas, a Circus Arts Space, a Functional Fitness Station, the Studio which lends itself to Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Martial Arts and much more, as well as the Therapies Room, ideal for treatments such as massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy or acupuncture.

Umbilico offers various classes primarily in circus arts catering to all ages and levels of experience. Our spaces are also available for casual, short or long term hire by instructors and industry professionals.

For a distinctive and alternative experience, we also provide the option to hire out the space (or parts thereof) for events, performances, exhibitions or corporate team building.

For all enquiries please call 02 8068 5646 or drop us a line at enquiries@umbilico.com.au

The Story Behind


Umbilico Our Story

Umbilico started as a small idea and, before I knew it, grew into a rather big and exciting project. It sparked from the wish for an aerial training space nearer to home. A place not just about training and rehearsing but one that could also be a little home away from home where to relax, catch up, brainstorm and just reset from the hectic routines of modern life.


Early in the “making of Umbilico” I decided that the space would also become a palpable way for me to remember my beautiful and endlessly adored late brother Umberto. Umbi was a very determined, highly principled and hard working pub owner and coupled with his humble, generous and charming nature, it truly made him one of those remarkable humans who just grow in your heart and stay there forever.

Umbi’s one, constant passion in his short but intensely lived life was flying. He held a pilots licence and flying planes was his escape, it fulfilled and exhilarated him. So I like to think that my brother and I share a love for aerials, and that this space I’ve given my all to is my opportunity to continue to keep him flying in the air and close to me.


The name Umbilico also has meanings that our clients can relate to. It evokes the navel, hence the centre of our body – “Umbilicus”. In my mother language, Italian, “bilico” means balance, what we often strive for on a trapeze, a lyra or a tight rope, for example, and generally in life. Ultimately we like to think of our ropes, the tissus and the other equipment at the space as a bit like umbilical cords that supply us with fundamental resources like energy and air and in doing so sustain and invigorate us.


So Umbi this is for you and with you.

Sempre con te, my darling brother.

– Giordana

Umbilico Out Story