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Umbilico is situated in one of the most exciting suburbs in inner city Sydney, Rosebery. Located between the CBD and Sydney Airport, this area was once known only as a commercial and industrial hub. Now with increasing residential development it is transforming into a haven for foodies and lovers of good design alike. Peppered amongst warehouses and low rise apartment blocks are some great food destinations, homeware stores and green spaces.


My name is Deb and on top of being Giordy’s partner I’m also being tasked with the ever so difficult job…not… of introducing you to Rosebery and its surrounds. I’ve worked around the area for a few years now and I thought we’d start with what I consider to be the place that put Rosebery on the food lovers’ map, Allpress.


Location: 58 Epsom Rd, Zetland

Walking distance from Umbilico: 60 seconds


Allpress is the first cafe I noticed popping up in the area some 5 years ago.  Most know their coffee as they distribute it nationwide, and this little cafe actually doubles as their Sydney distribution point so if you have the time wander towards the back of cafe and take a look at their massive coffee roaster. They also run coffee making classes for those hard core aficionados.

The coffee as you would expect is top notch, service in the morning pumps with 2-3 baristas churning through the morning rush. On the food side, they do breakfast and lunch. It’s not a full service cafe, mainly sandwiches, a daily lunch special and more basic breakfast choices.

My fave breakfast especially after a morning workout is the “Basic Plate” and it is just that, a few slices of toast, some yummo cheese, avocado, tomato and to top it off, a hard boiled egg.  Perfect for when your carb window is open.

If you want to be a little more on the naughty side, hands down Allpress make the best toasted cheese sandwich EVER.  It’s simply known as the Cheese and Chive…do yourself a favour one rainy morning and indulge.

My Rating: Coffee is consistent and great.  Breakfast options trump lunch for me, but variety is limited. It also closes early, at 3 on weekdays and 2 on Saturdays (closed Sunday) so keep that in mind if you need an arvo fix.


Price Range: $$


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