Raving about Rosebery – GELATO MESSINA

Messina, Messina…so much can be said about Messina, but today I’ll try to keep it to a bare minimum!

Sydney’s most delectable gelato has made its way to Rosebery. From its humble beginnings in Darlo, it’s now an ice cream mecca with stores growing at a rate of knots. So what do we get in Rosebery, nothing short of HQ, that’s right Gelato Messina HQ.

Location: 52 Mentmore Ave

Walking distance from Umbilico: 8 minutes (4 blocks south) or a blistering 1 minute drive

The Messina HQ is not only a manufacturing point for seriously the best gelato in the world, it runs gelato making classes and has now opened its doors to service after being somewhat dormant on that front for its first few months. What that currently means is you don’t have the crowds, because Messina are renowned for not making a song and dance about new stores. They just quietly go about their business, the word of mouth spreads and soon enough the people come. At the moment I don’t think I’ve ever seen it super crowded, but as the weeks go by more and more cars are parking on that block, even as late as 9pm and there can be only one destination.

Now this new arrival is somewhat problematic for me as I’m endeavouring to limit my sugar intake and about 18 months ago I had done just that. Pretty much eliminated the sweet stuff from my diet, so it had been a while since Messina was in my life. But as things go, I’ve let the sweet stuff back in and of course purely for the purposes of this blog, Giords and I visited there on our last day of classes last year, to enjoy some gelato goodness.

Messina have their flagship staples and for me the go to is always “Salted caramel w White Chocolate”. I’ve been a choc chip fan from way back and the crunchy slithers of white chocolate mixed in with well balanced salted caramel is a taste sensation. I’m also a lover of “Bounty”, their take on that famous bar. Smooth and creamy coconut ice cream meets once again with chocolate chips…chocolate chips how I love thee…

Giords took a much more sensible option with a kiddy scoop of Italian Nougat… to which she had no complaints. There’s easily 40 odd flavours on offer in store most days and they’ll usually have 5 specials going too. I sneaked in one night and tried the Robert Brownie Jr…a mish mash of chocolate brownie, ice cream and nuts. The staff are happy to offer samples too so you can try before you buy…

Take home packs are readily available as are some pretty amazing ice cream cakes which can be ordered… just an important thing to note, they are cash only.

So do yourself a favour particularly this summer. Come into Umbilico, work yourself hard and then head down before it shuts..which is usually around 10… there’s nothing sweeter.


Price Range: $$

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