Our philosophy and passion is delivering gymnastics movement classes through a professional and personable individualised approach. We focus on teaching foundational, fundamental and functional gymnastic movements & skills built around the safest, most sound & cleanest techniques. We have coupled this with educating and enforcing the highest level of individual work ethic and standards along your gymnastics journey, for a successful and enjoyable learning experience. This will compliment a broad spectrum of movement & physical pursuits…this isn’t just for the typical gymnast.

We teach everything in our programs through progression & breakdowns, so you become ‘smarter’ athletes, understanding what and how your bodies are moving; this will best get the results that you’re after. Gymnastics Mobility is a key focus at UrbanGymnast™. You will gain strength, stability, flexibility, balance & coordination, suitable specifically to progressing gymnastic skill development and total body functionality. This is integral to every class and individual we teach and is done through our very own knowledge and well-thought programming. Urban Gymnast will teach you how to learn the drills and skills, not simply ‘chuck’ them and hope for the best. Come on the journey!

Coaches Karl & Yvette have over 45years experience in gymnastics between them. Karl representing Australia over a long & successful competitive career winning numerous state, national and international championships including winning a World Championship Title. Yvette started, in that time what was considered ‘late’ in gymnastics (10yrs old) and thus her training led to a less-competitive arena. She trained in Women’s Gymnastics as well as some Trampolining. She represented Australia in women’s handball at world level, which she then ventured into creating a solid gymnastics foundation over many years and a passion for the intricacies of training methodologies.

Karl and Yvette both believe in movement education to create a smart athlete and individual who understands the physiological & psychological aspects of their training, for them to be in control of their body at all times. Our clients understand that with increased mobility, strength and flexibility, comes a more well-rounded body and mind in which you can learn to master different skill levels.

Yvette and Karl don’t believe in boundaries because gymnastics has taught them that through its primal and functional movements, being able to explore the potential of our bodies and minds can overpower the doubt of performance and create a great foundation of confidence and self worth. Together Yvette & Karl founded UrbanGymnast™ with the view to always work with each individual from the ground up. We don’t believe in ‘chucking any skills’, rather we facilitate learning to understand technique and progressive development.

Coaches Karl & Yvette bring with them a wealth of knowledge, qualifications, accreditations, degrees as well as long standing industry connections, reputation, engagement and collaborations’. Some of these to name a few include Advanced Silver Gymnastics Australia accreditations, Registered Strength & Conditioning Australia coaches, Member Protection Officers, ASADA Training, High Performance Sport Certifications, Training & Assessment, Lecturing presenting & workshops.

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November 7, 2016


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