Shona Lee

Shona helps people find more ease and vibrancy in how they feel and move. She has been a remedial massage therapist since 2010 and is currently in her final year of training to become a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner.

Shona is delighted to have found a method of improving how you move and function that combines many of her innate characteristics – now her aptitude for organising and rearranging spaces to be both functional and aesthetically appealing can be applied to people and their movement patterns!

Her first exposure to Feldenkrais came through a performer’s ensemble / acting training that she was a part of in Melbourne when she was 17. It left a very strong impression on her – how engaging it was moving in ways she had never even considered before, plus how tall, free and dynamic she felt afterwards.

Shona loves that Feldenkrais is a creative process of listening to your body and exploring new movement territory. When you realise how a simple tweak in how you do something can suddenly make everything far easier, it’s a real sense of empowerment and discovery.

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August 12, 2017


Manipulative Therapies

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