Pointe Physiotherapy & Pilates

Winnie Wu from Pointe Physiotherapy & Pilates is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist specialising in treating dance and sports injuries. She has worked with members of the Sydney Swans, Cirque de Soleil (Hong Kong), McDonald College for Performing Arts and Oatley Rugby since graduating from the University of Sydney. She is a trained ballet and contemporary dancer, and has recently won national titles for Salsa.

Her physiotherapy approach is hands on, systematic and evidence based. Apart from providing functional movement assessments to look at your body and movement as a whole, she also uses Pilates as a recovery and corrective modality for all her patients. She believes that the ultimate goal is to be able to move with precision, fluidity, power and efficiency to support what we need to do as individuals.

Services provided at Umbilico
1. Physiotherapy
2. Clinical Pilates
3. SFMA, FMS screening
4. Dance Performance screening

1. B.App.Sci (Physiotherapy), APAM, IADMS
2. Dry Needling
3. Stott Certified Pilates Instructor
4. Xtend Barre Instructor
5. Pre and Post Natal Specialist


September 7, 2016


Manipulative Therapies