Hayley Ablott

Hayley has been training as a circus aerialist for over 7 years, specialising in Lyra and Static trapeze. She has trained at two of Sydney’s leading circus schools Aerialize and Umbilico with coaching from the likes of industry professionals, Cirque Du Soleil artists and international mentors. Hayley has experienced a range of mentors and instructors over the years to build her wealth of knowledge in her expertise and continues to do so.

In 2015 Hayley attended the prestigious Flying Fruit Fly Circus National Training Project furthering her training and artistic practice with top leading trainers. Hayley has performed at various events and in student showcases including the Suspension showcase for ANZ Spectrum Now festival in 2014, Subsonic Music Festival in 2015 and 2016, and more recently, the Surry Hills Festival of the winds in 2017.

Hayley also uses student showcases and annual shows as an opportunity to inspire others, particularly younger generations, to perform and showcase their abilities. She has tought lyra and static trapeze in various schools and sees coaching young students as a way to mould future artists of tomorrow and is interested in bringing out the passion she has of circus onto her students.


July 29, 2018


Circus Arts

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