Duo Die Acrobatics

As a team, Caitlin and Dane have a serious love of partner acrobatics. Constantly working hard to refine techniques, their goal is to make skills look effortless. Which, as you can imagine, takes a lot of dedication! As well as training and performances, they also enjoy coaching other aspiring acrobats. After meeting each other in a hand to hand at a circus class, Dane and Caitlin immediately fell into a regular training regime that both challenged and delighted them.  Duo Die formed a year later when they both realised that they were actually getting pretty good 🙂 Since the beginning, they have spent countless hours of fun filled drills, progression practice, workshoping, performing, coaching and learning.  Their goal as a team is to spread their love of acro, share any and all ideas that can be created, played with or attempted, and most of all, to keep having fun!

Caitlin has been doing gymnastics from around the time she started walking.  Her parents wanted her out of the stroller, so she got up into a handstand.  After living the competitive gymnastics training schedule throughout most of her childhood and teendom, she went on to pursue more dance and circus acrobatics in San Diego, then San Francisco, Edinburgh and now Sydney.  Her love for performance and acrobatics has led her on a wonderful path of flipping, flying, and handstanding all over her amazing base, Dane.

Dane started playing baseball as soon as he could hold a bat and his favourite position was catcher. He started lifting weights at a young age to help get stronger and quickly became a gym rat. Physical fitness became a major part of his life and served him well as a Marine. After four years of service he left for the call of higher education at Southern Illiois University. He found rugby which has become a major passion in his life and played as a flanker. He has always enjoyed the support roles in team sports, never wanting the spotlight. Always preferring that his team mates know that he is working hard and doing his job rather than the fans on the sidelines. This has been a perfect mindset for being a base. Dane enjoys being a strong platform and thinks that a job well done is when he isn’t noticed. Letting Caitlin soar and making sure to always be there to catch her is the most satisfying part of the job.

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April 20, 2016


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