Clo Mudrik

Clo Mudrik is a PE Teacher, PT, Capoeira Teacher, Traditional Brazilian Dancer, Producer and Health Coach. After travelling around the world teaching and performing Capoeira and Traditional Brazilian Dances, Clo got in touch with the “new circus” group Acrobatico Fratelli (Sao Paulo/Brazil 1995) and started doing circus skills classes, learn about rigging and began specializing in Trapeze, double-trapeze, spinning/Spanish web and acrobalance.

Clo was responsible for introducing Capoeira and Circus Skills in Physical Education in Schools in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1997, Clo got involved with Physical Theatre and performed with La Fura Dels Baus (Spain) and Cia Circo Minimo (Brazil). In New Zealand, she was one of the founders of the Wellington Circus Trust and tutor of Physical training and Circus at Te Whaea National Drama and Dance School and Whitirea.

Clo loves teaching all ages with specific focus in the holistic wellbeing of the students with injury prevention and postural re-education.

A certified nutritionist and personal trainer, her education and personal experiences have equipped her with extensive knowledge that she draws on to work with clients to assist them to make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results. After being diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 and celiac, Clo started studying and understanding how food and exercise could be utilized to manage her health.

Clo specializes in integrating fitness and wholefood based nutrition while creating a proactive approach to health and wellness. Clo has experience coaching diverse individual and group populations in community, corporate, and private settings to include seniors, youth, athletes, and weekend warriors. Clo’s passion for health and wellness education spills into her clientele eliciting health benefits beyond initial weight loss goals such as building self-confidence, increasing strength, achieving positive body image, decreasing pain, managing blood pressure and cholesterol, and reducing or eliminating medication, while reaching health and fitness goals.

“By making simple changes to the way you fuel your body and exercise, you can see results like:
You feel more confident and have better focus;
Your energy soars, your patience steadies and your work performance stands out;
You feel more connected to your values by having the courage to make self-empowering choices;
Clo will make a program to your life goals by custom-designing a nutrition action plan and exercise that easily adapts to your lifestyle. In just a few sessions, you will discover the power of your daily food choices, how to use nutrition and movement to improve your health and give you an edge in all areas of your life.”

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October 12, 2015


Circus Arts, Personal Fitness