Bernard Bru

Trapeze artist & specialist Bernard (#bernardbrumethod….look it up!) had been involved in street theatre companies and circus skills teaching (Supercrampe in Reims and Cullbuto in Paris) for 10 years when, in 1988, he sat on a trapeze for the first time in Montreal. He knew immediately that his life would now be directed by a passion for the aerial arts.
Since that day, he has never stopped developing skills on trapeze or on specially designed apparatus, such as aerial kimono, an aerial skate board, an aerial train’s window or more recently, an aerial moon and tree.
He’s very passionate about teaching the skills that he has developed over his extensive career. ¬†Age is no barrier for Bernard, he’ll teach 2 year olds, right up to 120 year olds!

August 25, 2015


Circus Arts