Annika Saigi

Annika fell in love with Aerial Arts 4 years ago when she first laid her hands on a Lyra. Obsessed instantly, she spent all her spare time in classes all around Sydney, discovering the limitless amount of tricks and transitions you could do on not only on Lyra, but on Tissu and Static Trapeze as well. With no experience in any performing arts, the journey was tough but extremely rewarding, constantly accomplishing sequences she never thought could be possible.

Keen to then prove to others that Aerial Arts can be for anyone, no matter what your flexibility, strength or experience, she was determined to share her passion with others. For two years now she has been instructing, not only in aerial arts, but also then travelling to India to do yoga teacher training, which she now incorporates into her everyday life with herself and with all her students.

With time, passion and practise, you can do absolutely anything, and Annika cannot wait to help show you how to make it all possible.


April 10, 2017


Circus Arts, Physical Disciplines

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