New Class: Advanced Lyra

    LYRA (ADV-INT TO ADVANCED) Wednesdays 530pm

    Take your skills with Lyra (aka the aerial hoop) to another level with our new class being taught by accomplished performer and instructor Ari Levanael. Ari is always exploring and developing new aspects of performance and offers a unique approach to aerial disciplines. From the traditional to radical he is continually travelling for performances, choreography and as a teacher of the aerial arts to other aspiring performers.

    This class is being offered to advanced-intermediate and advanced level practitioners. It will have a strong focus on conditioning and aerial endurance with dynamic transitions building to aerial routines. If you are unsure whether you are suitable for this class just drop us a line and let us know how long you’ve trained for and at what intensity and we will get back to you.

    Bookings are now open, with the first class kicking off on WEDNESDAY JULY 20 at 530pm.

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