Mini Yoga is here!

Commences Wed May 2nd
10am (45min class)

Mini Yoga is magical and powerful at the same time. It is movement, breath and self awareness all wrapped up in storytelling, creative arts and games. In Mini Yoga we work on breathing and how the breath can affect emotions. How the body works and moves, we dig into anatomy and have fun finding out about muscles, bones and and organs, what they do and how that all relates to our wellbeing. We learn Yoga Asanas (movements) and about mindfulness and the basic concepts of yogaphilosophy (for example love and acceptance towards yourself and others).

Yoga let’s Children know that they are all unique and perfect beings just the way they are.

Benefits of Yoga for Children are:

Healthy Bodies:
Develops strong, healthy and flexible bodies, promotes spinal alignment and good posture, improves body awareness and coordination, supports the digestive system, helps breathing and lung capacity, teaches enjoyment of movement, leads to feeling comfortable with their unique body

Heathy Minds:
cultivates confidence and self esteem and compassion, helps concentration and attention, relaxation, calms the nervous system, teaches to balance emotions and gives tools to deal with stressful situations

Healthy spirits:
Fosters creativity & imagination, cultivates kindness and respect towards themselves and others, builds balance and inner quiet, inner strength and resilience, teaches self-awareness, focuses on positive self-talk

Hi I am Carolin, mum of two boys, Yoga teacher and specialised in Children’s Yoga.
My former corporate career as a Journalist in Public Relations and Marketing Communications took a sharp turn after my husband, our two young kids and I moved from Hamburg in Germany to Sydney in 2015.

With this fullstop on everything I knew before I took the chance to reevaluate my life and was able to turn my passion into my career. I completed a 12 month yoga teacher training at Qi Yoga, joined the IYTA/ International Yoga Teacher Association and completed a Foundations and Advanced Kid‘s Yoga Teacher Training with Zenergy Yoga. Since then I have taught Children of different age groups in Schools, Preschools and private settings.

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