Lyra Workshop Series w Thom!

We are so excited to have Thomas Worrell (Briefs: Second Coming and Close Encounters) back at Umbilico to run a series of Lyra workshops through April and May.

Swinging and Dynamic Skills

Sunday 29th April 12:30pm – 3pm

Investment $65

Add a new dimension to your repertoire with this swinging and dynamic skills workshop. Focused on aerial hoop but transferable to single point apparatus. Learn the concepts of swinging with floor contact and skills to use on a swing as well as increasing your dynamic skills including releases and drops.

Experienced intermediate to professional level.

Spinning & Circles

Sunday 6th May 1:30pm – 3pm

Sunday 13thMay 11am – 12:30pm

Investment $45 each or $80 for both

This workshop focuses on a number of spinning styles and techniques, as well maintaining control and spinning specific skills. Increase your spinning endurance and find new ways to approach your apparatus.

Experienced beginners to professional level.

Act Creation

Sunday 13th May 12:30pm – 3pm

Investment $65

Its one thing to train our skills to perfection, it’s another to put them together to form a routine. In this workshop the focus is taking what we know and forming that into a complete act. From choosing between theme or story, to deciding what skills to include and how to connect them. We will focus of musicality, dynamics and storytelling. Learn to piece together your skills to form a piece of art that is uniquely you.

Experienced intermediate to professional level.

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