Awareness Through Movement

“Awareness through Movement”  is a new class being held every Wednesday from 6.30-7.30pm under the guidance of Shona Lee. The class utilises and practices technique based on the Feldenkrais Method.

Subtle changes in how you move can make a big difference in how wonderful you feel in your body. Awareness Through Movement® classes are guided movement explorations where you learn how movement connects throughout your body and what you can do to make it more supported and efficient. Improving your body awareness and co-ordination skills, Feldenkrais ® is about learning to look after yourself by listening to the sensations of your body for feedback.

Increasing your movement vocabulary is like learning all the side streets of a local geography – you can get to your desired destination more efficiently without getting stuck in a traffic jam!

Investment (can be purchased at time of booking)

$25 for a casual class

10 pass = $200 with a 4 month validity

5 pass = $110 with a 2 month validity

For the month of August your first class will be free.

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