Hula Hooping with Sacred Play

Learn to Hula Hoop!

Discover Hula Hooping! We are currently hosting the lovely Ashley from “Sacred Play” in our Studio every Tuesday night and from March 14th she is running a 4 week beginners course “Learn to Hoop”. Bookings can further enquiries can be made directly with Sacred Play but here’s little more info from Ashley 🙂

We provide a platform for adults to realign and connect to their inner child with Hula Hoops!

A regenerative and playful class inviting you to experience a new practice, unfolding your little self. Each class is devoted to you, with sounds to entice your wild spirit and nurture your energetic soul.

  • We will focus on breath through movement with the objective to explore and expand the positive and negative spaces around you.
  • Commencing with the foundations of hooping we move to on-body movement, then tackling ways to keep that hoop up and defy gravity!
  • Exploring methods to sustain momentum within your circle and moving through your space to explore alternative ways to utilise this prop for enjoyment!
  • You’ll tap into off-body movements with partner work igniting a cohesion of movement –  think Lion King meets Enya.

Interested? Head to Sacred Play to secure a spot.

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