Aerial Straps Workshop Series

with Bridget Rose
Full Body Conditioning FUNDAMENTALS
Thursday 25th January 4pm-6pm
Want to get the best full body workout imaginable? Come and try Aerial Straps!  This workshop is aimed at taking you back to the fundamentals, to learn the safe approach to developing yourself on this sometimes frustrating aerial discipline. You will go through conditioning exercises that you can do alone or with a spot and also provide guidance for tackling the more advanced straps skills. This workshop is also a great place for other aerialists wanting to learn some fantastic whole body conditioning which will compliment their current training regimes.
Aerial Straps Skills MASTERCLASS
Thursday 1st February 4pm-6pm
Ready for the next level in your straps training? Come along to this masterclass to get better acquainted with some of those more difficult (and painful) elements on straps! From Switches, to Roll up variations, to swinging and spinning, there is more than enough for everyone wanting a challenge. For every level (with a certain amount of love for pain) there is something for you!
$85 each or $150 for both
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A little about Bridget…
Bridget has extensive experience across a variety of aerial disciplines, with her primary apparatus being aerial straps and dance trapeze. She combines a wealth of knowledge gained from the world of competitive gymnastics with technique learned from renowned international coaches including Yury Bozyan and Victor Fomine. The combination of these masters behind her plus her gymnastics background and her eye for detail and precision, are a perfect combination to guide anyone through the air.
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