Urban Gymnastics

Introducing UrbanGymnast™

Urban Gymnastics

We are super stoked to announce two new Adult Gymnastics classes to our timetable commencing Friday November 11th taught by Karl and Yvette from UrbanGymnast™. You may have already met these two wonderful coaches as they have covered some classes for both Umbilico and The Movement Academy over the last couple of months. Now they bring their love of gymnastics to us on Tuesday and Friday nights.

Gymnastic Foundations

Tuesday and Friday from 5pm-6pm
For Beginner Level and above (minimum age 16)
$25 per session

Designed around the cornerstone foundations of gymnastics in developing and acquiring ‘skill- transferrable’ strength, mobility, spatial & vestibular awareness, balance, coordination and proprioception. This class is also highly suitable for intermediate & advanced levels in mastering body manipulation in the foundational elements of gymnastics with a view to accelerating preparation, developing and acquiring higher level gymnastic skills e.g. flips, saults, aerials and walkovers along with traditional gymnastics apparatus skills. During this hour, we will also work on all basic tumbling such as rolls, cartwheels, handstands and many more.

Gymnastic Fundamental Skills 

Tuesday and Friday from 6pm-730pm
Intermediate* Level and above 
(minimum age 16)

$35 per session

Our ‘Gymnastics Fundamental Skills’ class can be a continuation from the ‘Gymnastics Foundations’ class; or it can be a stand alone class for Intermediate & Advanced ability participants who are already proficient in gymnastics strength, mobility, flexibility, handstands and basic tumbling eg: cartwheels and rolls. This is a great continuation or addition for those how are wanting to take their gymnastics foundations and start turning them into skills & sequences. In this class we will be focusing on extending spatial awareness, take offs and landings from feet and hands, applied and controlled strength transitions like presses, handstand rolls, various tumbling and vaulting skills, precision loco-motor and balance skills, to name a few of the vast areas this class develops.

*A developing confidence with rolls, cartwheels and handstands is ideal for participation within this class.

Urban Gymnastics

Use the Discount Code UGCOMBO5 at checkout to receive $5 off when taking both classes on the same night

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